Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchate

Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America

Diocese of Los Angeles and the West


Saint Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church


كنيسة القديس ميخائيل الأنطاكية الأرثوذكسية

Church Services consist of Sundays Divine Liturgy, Great Lent Night Services

Major Feasts Night Services, Vespers on Sundays night during Great and Holy Lent

Schedules for Non-Sunday Services will be published ahead of time

Church Services  -  الخدمات الروحية

Orthros is the morning Service before the Divine Liturgy. It is known also as Matins.

During Orthros, the celebrating Priest prepares the oblation to be consecrated during the Divine Liturgy.

During Orthros, the Priest and chanters alternate in singing hymns with beautiful melodies praising God for His Love.

During Orthros, there is a Gospel reading and so many hymns magnifying the Holy Theotokos, our Mother the Virgin Mary.

Sundays Orthros @ 9:15 am

الصلاة السَحَرية يوم الأحد  9:15 صباحاً

The Divine Liturgy is a Divine Banquet through which the Lord offers Himself as a sacrifice for our salvation. The Lord Jesus was the last bloody sacrifice that was offered for our Salvation.

In the Divine Liturgy we prepare the bread and wine to be transformed later, during the Liturgy of the faithful, to the Holy Body and Blood of the Lord. The Liturgy of the faithful begins as the Priest proclaims The doors the doors in wisdom let us attend. At this time, all those who are not baptized, whom we call Catechumens, leave the Church.

Sundays Divine Liturgy @ 10:00 am

خدمة القداس الإلهي يوم الأحد 10 صباحاً

The Sacrament of Confession is very important in the Church of Christ through which the believer receives Absolution after he/she confesses his/her sins to God in the presence of the Spiritual Father who is the Priest.

Always remember that whatever the Priest hears during Confession remains between the believer, the Priest who is the spiritual father and the Lord who hears everything and knows everything.

Confession: Sunday 9:15 To 9:45am or by appointment

يُسمع إعتراف المؤمنين الأحد بين 9:15 ـ 9:45 صباحاً أو بموعد مسبق

Religious education is very important for our children. Our Sunday School Staff is working very hard to educate our children about the Church, what does she stand for and how to apply the Christian Teachings to every aspect of their lives.

Please support our Sunday School System by enrolling and encouraging your children to attend every Sunday after receiving Holy Communion.

Sunday School: October to May @ 10:45 am

مدارس الإحد مفتوحة من تشرين الأول إلى أيار كل أحد الساعة 10:45 صباحاً

Troparion of St. Michael the Archangel, the Patron Saint of our parish  (Tone 4)


O Chief Commander of the Hosts in the heavens, we pray you till we gain our prayers, though unworthy, that round about us with your prayers you build a fortress wall, in the shelter of the wings of your glory unearthly, to guard us who before you and with shouting beseech you : Ye Archangel Michael that lead the Hosts above in all our perils bring help and deliver us


طروبارية القديس رئيس الملائكة ميخائيل شفيع رعيتنا المباركة  (اللحن الرابع)

أيها المتقدم على الأجناد الملائكية، نتوسل إليك نحن غير المستحقين أن تكتنفنا بطلباتك بظل أجنحة مجدك غير الهيولي، حافظاً إيانا نحن الجاثين والصارخين بغير فتور : أنقذنا من الشدائد بما أنك رئيس مراتب القوات العلوية